Home Entertainment Why does Maddy from Code 8 look so familiar?

Why does Maddy from Code 8 look so familiar?

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Why does Maddy from Code 8 look so familiar?

Netflix has an exciting new release for science fiction fans: an adaptation of the Canadian feature film. Code 8, written and directed by Jeff Chan. The long version of Code 8 It takes viewers into the near future, in a world where audiences have only recently realized that certain people manifest superhuman abilities – Powers, in the language of the film. The government of Code 8 passes a law requiring all superhumans to list their powers on a national registry. That same government harnesses the powers to start a second industrial revolution, one fueled by centralized control of superhumans and their incredible abilities. As you can imagine, power wielders have one or two things to say about the current state of affairs.

Code 8 stars Stephen Amell's Arrow fame, as well as his cousin, Robbie Amell. The Amells play Garret and Connor Reed, respectively, two of those power-possessed superhumans, but the real draw in the Code 8 the cast is Maddy, Garret's pyrokinetic girlfriend.

If the actress playing Maddy sounds familiar to you, it's probably because a curious kid from another popular Netflix property recently let her out of a magic well.

Laysla de Oliveira is the Locke brothers' worst nightmare at Locke & Key

The Maddy wielding flames Code 8 He is none other than Laysla de Oliveira, better known as the malicious and Dodge dodger of the streamer's latest hit series. Locke & Key.

The show is an adaptation of the comic series by creators Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. Oliveira's character is the main antagonist of the series, however, thanks to the Identity keyThe "Dodge" entity is likely to be represented by several different actors and actresses as the plot of the show continues to unfold. The Dodge version portrayed by Oliveira uses it, let's say, female mystic to trick high school loner Sam Lesser (Thomas Mitchell Barnet) into murdering Rendell Locke (Bill Heck) in the first episode of the series. She then hires Rendell's son Bode Locke (Jackson Robert Scott) to get her out of her well-house jail so she can begin her reign of terror.

before Locke & Key, the 28-year-old knockout was kicking off her acting career. She appeared in a single episode of the US series. USA Covert Matters in 2012 (along with another family actress, Piper Perabo from Angel has fallen) and held similar guest spots at some other genre shows, including Nikita, iZombie, and the Fox drama before its time (also human-centered) The gifted. Additionally, Oliveira also landed the lead role as Becky DeMuth in the 2019 Netflix horror movie. In the tall grass.

Between Code 8 and Locke & Key, Laysla de Oliveira is already having an exceptional year on Netflix. Given its recent successes, we are confident that the best is yet to come.


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