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Walter Mercado

Walter Mercado

Walter Mercado was a Puerto Rican astrologer, actor, dancer, and writer, best known as a television personality for his show as an astrologer. He was known as ‘Shanti Nanda’ and ‘Walter of Miracles’.

Wiki / biography

Walter Mercado was born as ter Walter Mercado Salinas on Wednesday 9 March 1932 (Age 87; At the time of death) In a ship that sailed from Spain to Puerto Rico. He grew up in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Their zodiac sign is Pisces. He did his major in pharmacology from the University of Puerto Rico. He also majored in psychology, astrology, cosmology, parapsychology, theater and dance. He has given Dr. Studied music from Ludwig Shojics. He is also an expert in dream interpretation and numerology. He learned astrology from a teacher in Jamaica. She studied classical ballet from Madame Herta Briuer, an Austrian teacher. Her teachers, Ruth Vera, Gloria Belmonte, and Gilda Navratra, taught her flamenco, Ana Garcia taught her modern ballet, and Louisa Navis taught her folk ballet.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx): 5 ″ 9 ″

Eye color: dark brown

Hair color: Golden blonde

Family and ethnicity

Walter Mercado’s father, Jose Maria Mercado, was from San Germain, Puerto Rico, and his mother, Aida Salinas, was from Catalonia, Spain. He had a brother named Henry. In 2003, he revealed that he was in a relationship with Marriet Detoto, with whom he shared a TV program.

Walter Mercado and Marriet Detoto

Walter Mercado and Marriet Detoto

The business

As a dancer

She began her career as a dancer and was one of Puerto Rico’s most prolific dancers. He danced with Velda Gonzalez, a well-known Puerto Rican dancer, actress, comedian, politician and former senator. She also worked with Jada Acosta, Irma Toro and Candy Cameron in Dance.

Walter Mercado Striking A Dance Pose

Walter Mercado Striking A Dance Pose

As an actor

He made his debut with the production of Esther Palais, and Telenovelas, Un Adios en el Recurdeo (A Farewell to the Memory) and Larga Distantia (Long Distance), are his first remembered works. He has starred in TV serials, Yo no pedi vivier Historia de mi Vida (1963), Ana Roja (1965), La Mujer de Aquela Noche (1968), Recorder (1968), Entre Punal or La Cruz (1969). Una Sombra (1970), and La Intrus (1970). Later, he began touring and theater in several countries. He is remembered for his performances in theatrical plays, Anastasia, Bodas de Sangre, La Dama de las Camelia, Androcles y El Leon, Los Cuatro Coronelas, El Tripta de amor dolor y Muerte, Todos los Hijos de dios tian elas (1960) goes. , And Look Back in Anger (Mirando Hasia Etrus Konra) (1970).

As a celebrity astrologer

His career as a TV personality began when he was called as a guest, failing to appear on a show produced by Elin Ortiz, a Puerto Rican actor, comedian and producer. He was slated to fill a 15-minute show slot by making astrological predictions. Impressed by his performance, he was regularly cast on the show, making astrological predictions. In 1970, he became a regular in the show El Show de las 12. He used to host a weekly astrology show at the WKAQ-TV network. Years later, when the channel changed its programming, they shifted their weekly schedule to WRIK-TV. In the 1980s, his show aired on several channels in Latin America and the United States. After being at WRIK-TV for a while, he moved his show to WKBM-TV. He also appeared in several radio broadcasts.

An old picture of Walter Mercado before his astrology show

An old picture of Walter Mercado before his astrology show

In addition to TV channels, he also wrote predictions for various newspapers, magazines, and web pages and was a daily columnist for the Miami Herald, El Nuevo Dia in Puerto Rico, Hoy in Chicago, Hoy in Los Angeles, Liste Diario of Dominican Republic and other newspapers in South and Central America. From the 1980s to the 1910s, his shows aired on the Univision network across America. From 1994 to 2009, he also appeared on Primer Impacto, a show that airs on the Univision Network.

Walter Mercado in Primer Impacto

Walter Mercado in Primer Impacto

In 2014, she became a business partner with Entertainment Events Edge, a Phoenix-based marketing and mobile application development company.

Other work

By the late 1980s, Mercado had written seven books. Among them, a book called Más allá del horizonte (Beyond the Horizon) (1997) was published in three languages, Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Mess Alla del Horizon

He has also authored books, Mensges para Vivir, Dr. Leon Alberto Vasquez (date unknown), Encyclopedia de Walter Mercado (Tomo 1) (1983), Guia Para Una Bida Mejor (1997), and El Mundo Secreto de Walter Mercado (Spanish edition ) (2010). He founded a dramatic art school, Walter Actors Studio 64, acting as its director, Estrella Artau (a musician) as co-director, and Laura Martell as one of its teachers. He also taught dance and drama in school.

Awards and achievements

  • Mr. Television’s title by the Association of Latin Entertainment Critics of New York
  • Scene television title at the 1972 Festival de Kodajos in the Dominican Republic
  • Awarded by the New Jersey House of Representatives
  • The United States General Assembly declared June 21 as Walter Mercado’s day
    Declaration of the General Assembly

    Declaration of the General Assembly

  • Miami Beach City Certificate of Appreciation
  • Awarded with a bronze mold of his own hand in the gallery of Immortals in Mexico City
    Walter Mercado Bronze Mold

    Walter Mercado Bronze Mold

  • Received an achievement award from Alex Penelles, Mayor of Miami
  • Doctor Laureate title from Philobicentina Church of Valencia, Spain
  • Crowned as the King of Astrology in New York in 1990
  • Astrologer title for New Millennium in 1999
  • In 2000, he received the Life-Time Achievement Award (lifetime recognition dedicated to the arts and spirituality) by the Institute for Puerto Rican / Hispanic Elders.
  • Awarded to Benicio del Toro, Justino Diaz and other prominent Puerto Ricans at Puerto Rican Gain in 2004


  • In 1995, Walter and Bart Enterprises International signed a deal through which the company could produce the content of Mercado’s mental services, using the trademark “Walter Mercado” as well as Mercado’s name and likeness. Under the arrangement, Walter received $ 25,000 from Bart on a monthly basis and $ 7,000 per month for costumes and additional work. However, in 2006, Walter abruptly discontinued production materials for Bart, and Bart stopped paying Walter. In November 2006, he decided to terminate the contract with Bart, using unpaid compensation as an excuse, and at the same time, his company, Astromundo, had also applied for the Walter Mercado trademark. Due to this, both the parties filed a case against each other. The verdict came in Bart’s favor; Announcing that BART could continue to use Mercado’s name and likeness in future commercial projects. Later, he settled the matter and withdrew the rights in his name.
  • In 1998, he was sued by a group of fans who invested in the jewelery brand in support of Walter, after which Walter supported the beads to market special healing powers. In 2006, the company’s president was sentenced to 14 years in prison for defrauding 16,000 people in a $ 90 million plot.

The death

In January 2012, he was admitted to the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, following cardiac problems. Later, he suffered from weak health. He died at the Auxilio Muto Hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on the night of Saturday, November 2, 2019 due to reported kidney failure. He was buried at the Senior Memorial Park in Capé Barrio, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Walter Mercado Burial

Walter Mercado Burial

Facts / General Knowledge

  • He was known as ‘Walter de los Milagros’ in childhood. When he was six years old, he gave his first prophecy when he warned his teacher that the school bell would fall. His prediction came true when the next day, an earthquake struck, and the bell fell with the sound of thunder.
  • According to Walter, he had spiritual abilities from a very young age. Talking about it, he said,

    Since I was very little and I had revelations and visions. People followed me so that I could touch them for good luck or health. I am always giving that touch of love and they believe that that touch of love works wonders. That’s why they call me Walter of the Miracles.

  • In October 2010, he changed his name to Shanti Anand, ‘Sanskrit words mean’ Shanti Sukh. ‘
  • He named himself regionally such as Swami Shyam, Swami Ram Chaitanya in New Delhi, Swami Chidavilas in Poona, Bombay and Swami Shanti Anand in Oregon.
  • On 2 February 2015, Walter Mercado & Entertainment Events as launched ter www.waltermercado.com. ‘The site was developed for Mercado fans to listen to their daily horoscope, receive tarot readings, zodiac compatibility, predictions, and ask questions to Walter Mercado.
  • In 2014, she started a dating site, www.passionlatinos.com, ‘and’ Lynea Cautivadora ‘, which includes zodiac soaps, body lotions, body mists, scented candles, and beaded jewelery.
  • In May 2015, Walter Mercado and Entertainment Events As launched mobile applications for iOS (iTunes) and Android.
    Walter Mercado's Mobile Application User Interface
  • He was a pluralist and was fluent in Spanish, French, English, Italian, Portuguese and Greek.
  • He was also known for his strong resemblance to Libres, an American pianist, singer, and actor.


  • Whenever Walter appeared on TV, he was adorned with heavy caps. In 2019, he put most of his famous cap and sculpture on exhibition at the Historyheater Museum.
    Walter Mercado's Cap at the Exhibition

    Walter Mercado’s Cap at the Exhibition

  • He finished every show he appeared in with catchphrase,

    Pero sobre todo, longo, longo, longo armor “

  • Walter always challenged the notion of gender. He believed in the philosophy of dvaita in nature (ying and yang) and believed that he had both male and female energies. When asked about his sexuality, he said,

    People want to know that Walter is straight, gay, metrosexual, bisexual – I don’t care, “he said. “Here I am, I am who I am, that is who I am, for that I am connected to people and the divine. That I look feminine with a cape? Everyone knows that we have two energies – yin and yang – And I know how to balance them. If I want to be a warrior, I will become that. If I want to be soft and subtle, I can be that too.

  • Walter studied many religions, including Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam (Sufism), and Taoism.
  • She predicted for many, two of her most famous predictions being, Bill Clinton as the US President, and Madonna as ‘Eva Peron’ in the film Evita (1996).
  • He was a fond dog lover and had a pet dog named Runa.
    Walter Mercado with his dog

    Walter Mercado with his dog

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