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Top 10 Most NOTORIOUS Hackers in the World. You Won’t Believe The 2nd.

It doesn’t matter how secure a computer system is somewhere someone will eventually find a way to break in to it. HACKERS around the world are always trying to break in to most secured networks not just for fun or for stealing information, but out of curiosity too. Most of the notorious hackers of all time found in this articles are not thieves and never wanted to steal classified data but they were curious to know about variety of facts. Such as..

#10 Gary Mckinnon

garry Mckinnon Most notorious hackers of all time

Probably the only living person in the world who had managed to break in to the MOST secured computer network in the world, US military network. He said he wanted to get information about UFOs landing on Earth from NASAs website. He broke in to NASAs site as well as pentagon computer system but couldn’t find any such information. He then decided to let them know how crappy their security system is.

Garry Mckinnon was released on bail and now he works as SEO (search engine optimizer). How ironical it is 😀

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