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These restaurant chains sell groceries during the pandemic

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These restaurant chains sell groceries during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new market niche for those chain restaurants that are agile enough to change and adapt their business models to meet the growing demands of a population that stays at home and also needs to eat. . Small restaurants have definitely suffered under the new constraints under which they are forced to operate, and have urged their local community to come to them to bring in an effort to keep their businesses afloat. Still others have been able to pivot in this new economy by satisfying basic needs again. To this end, an increasing number of fast food chains such as Subway, Potbelly and Panera are doubling down as grocery stores for their customers (through Today)

Leading the charge is the national sandwich chain Underground. On April 3, the company launched its new product offering, "Subway Grocery," which will be available at more than 200 of its stores in California, Connecticut, Oregon, Tennessee, and Washington. The sandwich shop offers customers the opportunity not only to bring their favorite feet, but also the opportunity to purchase basic pantry and refrigerator items that you would normally buy at a grocery store. Bread, meat, cheese, vegetables, chips and cookies are available for purchase. The price seems to be comparable to what you would buy at a grocery store. A 12-inch loaf of bread costs $ 1.50 and a 16-ounce bag of spinach costs $ 3.50 (via Fox Business News)

Groceries to take away in Panera and other restaurant chains

Panera Bread It has been at the forefront of this change for restaurant chains during these unprecedented times. On April 8, the company launched a new online service called Panera Grocery. At the grocery service, you can buy breads, fruit, yogurt, and even a gallon of milk, plus chain-made-to-order meals like tomato and basil soup, macaroni and cheese. These basic pantry products can be purchased and delivered to your doorstep using the Panera application, the chain's website or Grubhub. You can also go to the restaurant to be picked up. As for prices, there seems to be a surcharge. At Walmart you can buy a gallon of milk for around$ 3.50while a gallon of milk in Panera is $ 4.99.

Subway and Panera are not alone. Other restaurant chains that jump on the grocery cart include Moe & # 39; s Southwest Grill, which sells DIY burrito ingredients per pound through Moe & # 39; s Market. California Pizza Kitchen sells food kits and pantry items while Shakes shakes is promoting its new DIY burger kits that come with all the eight burger bindings.

With limited hours to buy groceries, bare shelvesand tremendous demand for scarce items, this growing trend is helping to keep companies in business, while removing some of the demand and stress from supermarket chains, their workers, and their buyers.


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