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The one who loves dogs is a good person, 11 seasons of ‘Hades’ are proving this


Amazon Prime Video’s new series ‘Patal Lok’ is very much liked by the audience. From the story of the series to Jaideep Ahlawat, the acting won everyone’s heart. Whoever sat watching the first episode of the series, breathed it out after finishing all the episodes. Many people are also describing it as the best series ever. This series is also slightly different from the rest of the series, because many of its scenes have shown kindness and awareness towards animals.

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Which shows that there is no one more loyal than dogs. If you are an animal lover, then in return they also know to love you selflessly. Along with this, these dogs also emerged as heroes in the series.

Let us recall some such scenes once again:

1. In the last episode, when Hathi Ram returns from his mission, the journalist tells the story of Yudhishthira to Sanjeev Mehra. Yudhishthira did not leave his loyal dog with him even in heaven.

2. You can test a good person with this scene.

3. When a stray Hummer Tyagi confronts another prisoner to save a stray dog, it is revealed that there is still a human being left in it.

4. When Savitri gives birth to children with the help of Dolly, the mind becomes happy inside.

5. There is a big lesson to life in this scene.

6. Dolly explained how emotionally we need pets.

7. The scene when Dolly did courageous and commendable work against her husband’s will.

8. Savitri looks at Sanjeev Mehra with displeasure and wants to give us some hints as well.

9. If you want to control your anger, then take some time for dear and small children. Like Vishal Tyagi used to spend time with them and control his anger.

10. Understand from this scene that if the animal is to be raised, then adopt it and not buy it.

11. Hathiram also learned from this case that he loves dogs. So he did not eat ice cream himself and fed the dog standing on the road.

If you have seen the series, then these scenes would have been easy to understand. If you have not seen, then see. You will get to learn a lot of good things.

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