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Researchers Discovered: 10 Surprising Benefits of Holding Hands

Have you ever considered, why it is necessary to hold hands with your partner whenever in public? Why holding hands improves relationships? And what are the benefits of holding hands? Read ahead to know more.

There is something remarkable about holding hands with another person. This simple act brings about great joy and establishes a deep connection. We are all aware of the butterflies we get when we hold hands with that special someone! Not only is it a great way of expressing unsaid feelings, but it also has other surprising benefits.

1. It is a great stress reliever


Holding hands with someone close to us helps relieve us of stress. A touch of a teammate or a lover makes us feel more content, happy and better about ourselves. This is because holding hands decreases the levels of the stress hormone. It also reveals a lot of things about your relationship with your partner.

So, the next time you are feeling sad, don’t shun away others but embrace them.

2. It lowers blood pressure


High Blood Pressure is very common nowadays and holding hands is the simplest way to make sure it stays in a limit. In a time where stress and tension are synonyms with routine, it can be difficult to maintain our happiness. Holding hands helps lower blood pressure and keeps you healthy!

3. It helps fight fear


Remember the time you had to get an injection and squeezed your friend’s hand tight? You did that because humans feel safe when we hold hands. It is also the reason we immediately reach out for the hand of another person during scary situations. Holding hands makes you feel safer and also establishes trust.

4. It enhances love and bonding


Holding hands with the people you care about, enhances your relationship and strengthens your bond. This is because holding hands releases a hormone known as Oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for caring feelings and empathy. Therefore, happy couples generally hold hands unknowingly. Never leave your partner’s hand while traveling in any offbeat Indian destinations

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