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Top 10 Facts Which Will Make You Adore ‘Superwoman’ Lilly Singh


Remember,every Monday and Thursdays on Youtube, a woman with an infectious smile and funky attitude greets you, “Hey Wassup, SuperWoman here”. Wondered who this Superwoman? Well, meet the famous Youtuber, comedian, chef, rapper, spokesperson Lilly Singh.  Here are the top 10 facts which will make you adore her


Lilly Singh was born in 27th September, 1988 in Scarborough, Canada. She is of Indian origin as her parents hailed from Punjab, India.  In a recent interview on Youtube, she claimed that she is the first generation Canadian of Indian descent in her family.



Is Lilly Singh Married? The question which rattles almost all of her fans. The answer is, No. I know that’s a great relief. She is not married but currently in a relationship with fellow Youtuber and an American citizen Yousef Erakat better known by his stage name FouseyTube.


Lilly Singh from childhood wanted to be a rapper, but her parents were skeptical about it. Therefore she went on to study Psychology from York University. Later she lost interest on the subject after graduation and decided not to venture further upon it

She struggled with depression

She is really a jolly good fellow. You always see her laughing or making jokes that crack our ribs, but little do we know that this comedian struggled with depression before her rise to stardom during her last year of college. Her depression lasted a year during which she felt aimless and lost the will to live. But she fought back and rose and decided to pursue her career as a Youtuber.  She even said, “Working on my youtube videos made me get over depression”. Yes, Bravo Lilly.

Rise to fame


Lilly Singh started her Youtube Channel just six years ago but today she is one of the richest Youtuber with more than 8 million subscribers. Her first video was a spoken word video which she deleted as it really embarrassing. Soon in 2010 she was posting videos enacting as her parents. It went viral among the young demographics of the world. She has more than 450 videos on her channel. In 2013, she started another channel called I Love Makeup on Youtube. In 2015, she went on her first world tour called “Trip to Unicorn Island”

She is Quirky just like her videos


Singh’s videos are just hilarious especially the ones where she enacts as her parents and talks in Punjabi accent. Every millennial can relate to her videos. Lilly is also quirky in real life. In her videos and interviews, she has said that she does not believe in global warming and has never eaten a peanut butter sandwich and also she is double-jointed. Yes, this girl can make weird really cool.

Her collabs with celebrities

Lilly Singh has popular video collabs with other YouTubers. In addition to this, her own videos collabs feature famous icons like Selena Gomez, Mila Kunis, and Priyanka Chopra.

Jack of all trade


Lilly Singh is not only a famous Youtuber and comedian, but she also acts, raps and she can also bake. She has acted in the movie Bad Moms which has Mila Kunis. She has also appeared as a guest on the Jimmy Fallon Show. She even has her own lipstick with the company Smashbox. She also is a spokesperson and is open about depression and her struggle with it.She recently published her book “How to Be a Bawse: A guide to conquering life”.

Lilly Singh’s resume is full of talents & Awards


Lilly Singh also rocks at the awards season. She has won the Teen Choice Award 2016  for the best webstar and last month she bagged the People’s Choice Award for the best female youtube celebrity.

Her crush on THE ROCK

Lilly-Singh-the -rock-06-

Singh openly admits that since childhood she has a crush on Dwayne Johnson aka THE ROCK. She has collaborated a video with him. And has confessed that she used her Youtube credits to even flirt with him.

The title of Superwoman Lilly-Singh-Superwoman-05-    

The title of Superwoman was derived by Lilly Singh when her parents bought her a ring with the Superman logo. It made her feel confident and she says that everyone is a superhero for others. Awww, how noble! She is also the first South Asian woman to rise as a Youtuber and her net worth is nearly 2.5 million dollars a year. KUDOS to you girl!

And lastly I end with her signature salute “One love , it is a wrap and zoot”

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