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10+ Lesbian Short Stories on Wattpad You Should Read Right Now


LGBTQ and Lesbian are a couple of terms which we Indians are still not very comfortable to pronounce, or even discuss, openly in public, let alone in front of parents. But since India is one of the countries in the world with the mostly young population, its view towards LGBTQ is progressive. And since recently same-sex marriage and relation were approved by Indian Law we are slowly but steadily moving forward with discussing the same in public.

But our conservative views towards the topic have never stopped us from accessing topics related to LGBTQ privately, be it “Lesbian porn” or “gay sex” (two of most searched Porn terms in India). And definitely after watching porn reading erotic stories is the most loved pass time among Indian youths ( as well as mid-age adults). Thus to help my visitors I have compiled in this article a list of Lesbian Short Stories which you can read in WattPad right now and for free.

What is Wattpad?

If you have already heard about Wattpad you can just skip to the main content below, if not then read ahead. Wattpad is a startup based in Toronto, Canada which specializes in publishing short stories. Started in 2007, Wattpad never had to hire writers since the short story writers are all people like you and me. if you have a knack for writing short stories, Wattpad can be the platform which you need. Now moving on to today topic of Lesbian short stories you can read right now on Wattpad.

List of Romantic Lesbian Short Stories


1. The Rose and the Thorn

lesbian short stories-12

This lesbian short story is about a girl who had a very strict moto of not to get involved with students from her own school. But after a new teacher joined her school she fell in love with her and got into a dilemma thinking whether her moto involves teachers. Read this romantic lesbian fiction story here.

2. You Only Live Once (YOLO)

lesbian short stories-01

This lesbian short fiction story involves around a woman who is desperate about her feelings and do not feel shy to ask or do whatever she feels like. Due to her lesbian desperation, she ended up doing something with her lady co-worker which got her into trouble. Read her full lesbian fiction story here.

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