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Realme X2 Pro is embarrassed to almost tie in selfie with Galaxy S8 in DxOMark ranking


Launched in October last year, the Realme X2 Pro reached the mobile market to be a top of the line product that would present a good cost-benefit to the young public, which is the main area of ​​operation of the former subsidiary Oppo.

The high popularity of the cell phone led it to be tested by the competent technicians of DxOMark, presenting results that were expected for the category it is in, one point above the flagship Galaxy S8, which has 2 years more than the current one. evaluated.

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According to DxOMark, the smartphone was left with only 74 points on selfie, a value that puts it on the same level as intermediate models in the photographic part, something that could even characterize it as a Realme version of the Pocophone F1, which was announced by Xiaomi in 2018.

This value received is the result of the average between photos and videos, which gave the same number of points, something that rarely happens and shows a balance of inferiority in the 16-megapixel front camera with f / 2 aperture, which makes it possible to only record videos in FullHD resolution.

One of the main points that influenced the score achieved is related to exposure and contrast, something that is seen more clearly in selfies taken outdoors. Already in places with low light, he manages to do better, having more balance and even good results with flash, something that is difficult for most manufacturers.

Compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max and Google Pixel 4, he was much inferior to the competitors, mainly in captures against light, and in some conditions of external environments pulling for the blue in an attempt to give a balance in the colors, but effecting without effectiveness.

In the photos below it is possible to have a greater sense of the reasons that made him so far below the competitors. Check out!

Front camera


The fact that Realme focuses on making the top of the line X2 Pro an option within the cost-effective line shows how much the manufacturer ended up saving in the photographic part of the model, mainly in the selfies part, which must be one of the strengths of the models sold for young audiences.

Not even the use of the Snapdragon 855 platform, which guarantees good optimizations for the photographic part of the flagships, caused the software development failures to be mitigated, delivering excessive exposure that left an uncomfortable imbalance of elements, as well as the limitations of dynamic range.

Despite making a good outline in portrait mode, the fact that it needs to be very close to the element to be highlighted to deliver good sharpness can be a negative point for a model that is focused on being categorized as top of the line, but falls short even of intermediaries.

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