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Pac-Man celebrates 40 years recreated by NVIDIA GameGAN AI without graphics engine


It is not a novelty the power that an Artificial Intelligence technology can make when it comes to games. Now, a partnership between NVIDIA and Bandai Namco has resulted in the recreation of Pac-Man by AI, as a way to celebrate the game’s 40th anniversary.

For the feat, NVIDIA GameGAN, the world’s first neural network that mimics a graphics engine through generative adversarial networks (GANs), was used. That is, the title was made from scratch, without having access to the original engine. Watch the trailer below:


GameGAN uses two competing neural networks. One is generating and the other has a discriminating function. They seek to create similar content based on an original example.

This NVIDIA technology has been developed with the aim of accelerating the creative process on the part of game developers. The greater agility works due to the automatic generation of layouts for new games.

NVIDIA GauGAN is also another example of this. In this case, the deep learning tool uses unfinished sketches and transforms it into photorealistic masterpieces.

Pac-Man recreated

The new commemorative edition of Pac-Man, created by NVIDIA’s Artificial Intelligence, is expected to be launched later this year – so far, without a specific date. Availability will be through AI Playground.

What did you think of the recreation of Pac-Man through Artificial Intelligence? Leave your opinion for us in the comments below.

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