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Minecraft Dungeons brings franchise with mechanics for all ages | Review / Review


Announced in September 2018, the Minecraft Dungeons game is scheduled to launch on May 26, on Windows 10, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch platforms.

The game consists of a spin off of the original, but this time the focus is on action, instead of building the world. It was developed by Mojang and Double Eleven, published by Microsoft.

TudoCelular had early access to the title, in its PC version, and gathered the details about the game, as well as a gameplay video for you to check what you can find in the novelty of the franchise belonging to Microsoft.

Known graphics; style too

Imagine a game that incorporates the well-known block graphics of classic Minecraft, with a 3D RPG style similar to that found in Diablo – but without content restricted to children, for example. This is Minecraft Dungeons.

The look does not disappoint. Anyone already used to building their world in the standard title, should enjoy the graphics on their spin off. The scenarios are well constructed and complex, with the right to caves and possibilities of paths until reaching the objectives. They deliver different environments, which are unlocked as the missions complete.

Well-defined story, but fighting stands out

At the beginning of each mission, a part of the story that guides the game is told. Generally speaking, an evil being, the “Archi-Illager” discovers the Orb of Dominance, an artifact that grants immense magical power. With him, he begins to try to recreate the world that despised him in the past.

The enemy takes action to take revenge on the common villagers who abandoned him, a fact that triggers the whole adventure to try to stop Archie’s plans. But the story turns out to be a kind of incentive for fighting, than the main theme.



Simple mechanics

There is no secret to playing Minecraft Dungeons. With just one button on the controller or keyboard, it is possible to strike enemies with a sword, ax or other weapon obtained along the way. If you choose to attack the distance with a bow and arrow, there is also another key dedicated to that.

The other items in the game can be positioned on keys properly informed in a lower bar on the screen. It is possible to activate enchantments on weapons and change additional ones – as an activator for a wolf that helps you in combat, or a defense field to prevent your life from being diminished by outsiders.

The mechanics make it easy for any audience to play the title. There are no major combinations of commands.

Variable difficulty

You can alternate the difficulty of any mission before starting it. This will allow you to obtain better rewards, although it also increases the resistance of enemies. The scales range from 1 to 6 and indicate the level of strength appropriate to your character to face this stage.

Another detail is that, after completing the missions in standard mode, you have two more difficulties: Adventure and Apocalypse.

Within the appropriate mission for your level, there are enemies that are easy to defeat and others that demand more time. Deputy chiefs and bosses can also be hard work, and often you can only defeat in the last life – the missions start with three.


Right at the start screen, you have the option to play multiplayer online, locally or alone. If you choose to enjoy the title with up to four people virtually, for now, it is only possible within the same platform. And there is no option to mix the two types of multiplayer.

However, Microsoft has plans to deploy cross-platform in Minecraft Dungeons. In other words, just like the main game, the spin off it will also have the possibility, in the future, to be played online with gamers on other platforms. There is still no forecast for the resource to be released.

Minecraft vs Minecraft Dungeons

The game brings another proposal to the franchise by relying on an action RPG genre within the Unreal Engine in order to provide physical combat. Despite visual references to the original Minecraft, Dungeons promises to go an independent path.

It is not necessary to know the regular game to venture into the new game. The developers tried to create a context for the title that could attract new players. That is, the target audience here is not limited to enthusiasts of the main creation of the franchise.

Worth it?

Minecraft Dungeons is a game that goes beyond the original Minecraft proposal. Not only does it seek to add a new genre to the franchise, it also has the potential to attract a large number of audiences – both those already in love, and other players who want to try it out.

Another point to highlight is the price charged. The most basic edition – already pre-sold for Xbox One and Windows 10 – can be booked for R $ 74.95. It is an amount that does not hurt your pocket, due to the fun it provides.

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It is worth mentioning that it is not suitable for those who like more complex action, with elaborate combos, or those who prefer to prioritize history over combat. Here, the proposal is to provide more intuitive and simple struggles.

In short, Dungeons manages to bring fun, hold the player for a long time and deliver satisfactory graphics, within the traditional block design idea of ​​the franchise. It is an action game recommended for playing at any age.

So, what are your impressions of the new Minecraft Dungeons? Share your opinion with us!

* Microsoft provided TudoCelular with a copy of “Minecraft Dungeons” for review.

Minecraft Dungeons

Developer: Microsoft Studios

Price: $ 74.95

Size: Varies by platform

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