Home Technology Instagram launches function to help users avoid copyright issues

Instagram launches function to help users avoid copyright issues


This week, Instagram made changes to its guidelines to help its users avoid copyright issues. Currently, any publication that contains third party material is promptly silenced or even taken down, without the person responsible for posting it being notified.

Now, with the revision of the rules, whoever is violating intellectual property will be notified in advance, so that the necessary changes are made before any type of blockade happens. The novelty should mainly benefit streamers, who often have their content taken down by accident, when they end up showing protected content, like songs on a radio, without intention.

If the content ends up being blocked, the platform will clearly indicate the actions that can be taken so that the content can be posted again. Some recommendations were given, such as using shorter excerpts of the desired music and never posting audio without images or videos. It was also suggested to use Facebook Sound Collection, for those who want to avoid any kind of problem.

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