Home Technology Google Meet for Android can receive option to blur background in calls

Google Meet for Android can receive option to blur background in calls


O Google Meet, formerly Hangouts Meet, should soon receive a function that allows users to blur the background during calls. The discovery was made by the website 9to5Google, who analyzed the APK of the service version made available today by the Play Store, discovering lines of code referring to the novelty.

The feature is not new, as competitors such as Microsoft Teams and itself Google Duo have been offering the technology for a long time. Anyway, users who choose the service can finally take advantage of the function.

Still, Zoom, the main rival of the Google Meet, already allows users to replace the background with any image or video. It is worth remembering, however, that the platform faced serious security problems, even having private data sold on the Dark Web.

The search giant also made eSIM activation available to customers with their Fi carrier’s iPhone in the USA. The technology uses smartphone components to connect to mobile networks, eliminating the use of any type of physical chip. The new feature has not yet been officially made available, but several users already report having enabled the virtual chip.

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