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Galaxy Note 20 Plus has 108 MP sensor, but should abandon 100X zoom of S20 Ultra


Update (05/20/20) – JB

Despite having the same main camera of 108 MP of the Galaxy S20 Ultra and bringing an extra sensor to correct the problematic focus, the Galaxy Note 20 Plus should leave aside a very important feature: the 100X Space Zoom.

The information was commented by GalaxyClub staff, and shortly afterwards the reliable Ice Universe ended up confirming the rumor by posting on Twitter. Apparently, Samsung listened to users and understood that the 100X zoom doesn’t make sense in the real world.

That’s because the numbers are impressive, but the result is not expected. However, we still don’t know if the 4x optical zoom lens will also be left out or if only the Space Zoom feature will be abandoned.

As expected, the Samsung hasn’t commented yet officially. Therefore, we remember that everything should be considered as just another speculation of the market.

It should be noted that the Galaxy Note 20 Plus must also have an AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and can use the new 6 nm Exynos 992 processor. However, the battery will not have surprising capacity.

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Update (19/05/20) – JB

After many comings and goings, Samsung recently admitted that it is not possible to fix the problem that affects the focus of the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s main camera. The information was revealed after the South Korean giant released a series of software updates for the device.

Now, while the public looks forward to the Galaxy Note line, sources have indicated that the Note 20 Plus should also feature the 108 MP sensor of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. This has already aroused a certain fear in many people, since the device may also have limited focus.

However, the well-known and trusted Ice Universe today revealed (19) that the story will be different with the Note 20 Plus. That’s because Samsung learned from the mistake and should use an auxiliary sensor to solve the focus problem 108 MP camera.

The Galaxy Note20 Plus still uses the 108 MP HM1 sensor, but adds a new sensor to help focus and completely resolve the focus problem.

Remember that the Galaxy Note 20 Plus will also have its battery capacity changed and you can check more details in the original text below:

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Original text (05/18/20)

And more rumors about Samsung’s second major smartphone launch for 2020 continue to leak as traditionally. Without someone to turn off the tap, now the Dutch website GalaxyClub reveals information about the possible main sensor of the Galaxy Note 20 Plus and details about the device’s battery.

According to internal sources linked to Samsung, the site claims that the most powerful model in the Galaxy Note line for 2020 will feature a main camera with 108 MP resolution. Unlike the Note 20 Plus, the Note 20 should not offer the same sensor, possibly adopting a more similar pattern to the Galaxy S20 Plus with its 64 MP camera.

Although there are no details regarding the number of sensors, it is very likely that both models will implement a camera set with up to four lenses, but we do not know the pair will present the periscope-shaped lens or whether this feature will be exclusive to the Note. 20 Plus.

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Regarding the battery, it is said that Samsung should offer a slight improvement in capacity compared to the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, jumping from 4,300 mAh last year to 4,500 mAh for the 2020 generation.

Still, the addition falls far short of the coveted 5,000 mAh battery Samsung introduced in the Galaxy S20 Ultra and which it was expected to bring to this year’s Note 20 Plus. Despite the 500 mAh less, the manufacturer will need to deal with the higher consumption of the 120 Hz screen that must be presented with the new models, as well as the higher consumption by the 5G, two challenging characteristics for a battery of this size.

The new Galaxy Note 20 should be presented by Samsung alongside the new folding model of the Galaxy Fold line in August, as the company would be committed to maintaining the launch window of previous years despite the pandemic of Covid-19. With that, with only three months to go until the event, it is expected that more details will continue to leak there, confirming or denying the information we have access to now.

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