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7 ( Fake) And 1 ( Real ) White House Attack Movies Made In Hollywood


Some of the highest grosser White House attack movies with the reel as well as the real script is below.

Over the years several movies were made in Hollywood where the White House was attacked and the President of the United States somehow managed to survive the attack, be it because of a hero secret service agent like in G.I. Joe or by an N.A.S.A. Scientist like in Independence Day. So many times movies on White House attacks were made sometimes I feel that it is what the People of America wants ( moreover now since the house has been taken over by the funniest family on US of A.

Let’s look over the movies where the White House was attacked in Reel and also let’s discuss few movies which were inspired by real attacks on the White House.

1. Olympus had fallen


Released on 22 March 2013, this movie has destroyed the Oval office with a powerful bomb in order to smoke out Mr. President, however, Mr. Banning managed to avoid that with his good looks and charm and saved the world.

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