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8 Desi Inspirational Songs That’ll Keep You Motivated for Life

These Carefully chosen desi Hindi motivational songs are sure to inspire you and make you feel focused

“Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones.” ― Keith Richards
And desi songs have their own perky beats to get us going! So, the next time you need to do your Maths homework or need to get through the workout, keep this playlist ready!

1. Aashayein (Iqbal)

This has to be everyone’s favourite desi song that will help you motivated. I mean the song is named HOPE, what more do you need! “toofaanon ko cheer ke,manzilon ko chheen le, aashaayein khile dil ki,ummeedein hase dil ki, ab mushkil nahin kuch bhi, nahin kuchh bhi.” This line will help motivate you no matter what the road block.

2. Ziddi Dil (Mary Kom)

This is a power-packed song, that gets your heart pumping! Any lazy vibes immediately turn to “let’s do it” attitude. The movie “Mary Kom” itself tells a tale of determination and success, but this song brings out the essence of it all.
“Ho dekhe hai aankhon mein ,Kismat ki aankhein daale.. Hey! Hawaa ke kaanon mein jaake kahe,Kismat piddi hai ,Dil ye ziddi hai, Dil ye ziddi hai”

3. Title Track (Lakshaya)

The title track of the movie Lakshaya is extremely motivating. This can be a great workout song! The lyrics of the song help focus on your goals and pursue them with renewed zeal.
“Haan yehi rasta hai tera,Tune ab jaana hai Haan yehi rasta hai tera,Tune ab jaana ha Haan yehi sapna hai tera, Tune pehchaana hai”

4. Chale Chalo (Lagaan)

This A.R.Rahman hit from the classic Lagaan, will get your andreline pumping! Feeling down, need motivation to clean your room or just need a boost, this song will get you going.
“Baar baar haan, bolo yaar haan,Apni jeet ho, unki haar haan,Koi humse jeet na paave,Chale chalo, chale chalo,Mit jaave jo takraave, chale chalo,Bhale ghor andheraa chhaave,Chale chalo, chale chalo”

5. Kar Har Maidan Fateh (Sanju)

This Sanjay Dutt biopic that came out in 2018, bought with it a fine album. “Kar Har Maidaan Fateh” was a hit as soon as it came out. It is a fantastic song to fight mental as well as physical battles and conquer them. If Sanju Baba can do it, so can you!
“Tere junoon ke aage,Ambar panaahe maange
Kar daale tu jo faisla…Roothi taqdeerein toh kya
Tooti shamsheerein toh kyaTooti shamsheeron se hi ho…
Kar har maidan fatehKar har maidan fateh”

6. Baadal pe Paon hai ( Chak De India)

This song is an all time favorite from the movie Chak De India. The movie is about patriotism and sports, so you can be sure that the song is extremely motivational!
You can even play it, the next time you are in the gym!
“Khwab me jo dikha par tha chipa bas jayega
O nagar rey rey rey rey………..
(Badal pe panv hain ya jhuta danv hai
Abb toh bhay chal padee apnee yeh nav hai)
Ho ho ho o o o ho o o o o o……..”

7. Zinda (Bhaag Milkha Bhaag)

One can not talk about inspirational songs and not bring this song up. “Zinda” is a power packed song from the hit movie “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag”.It is sung by the very talented Siddharth Mahadevan. This is a song that will make you enegrgetic in no time!

“ Zinda, hain toh, pyala, poora bhar le
Kancha, phoote, choora, kaanch kar le
Zindagi ka ye ghada le, Ek saans mein chadha le
Hichkiyon mein kya hai marna! Poora mar le…”

8. Jame Raho (Taare Zameen Par)

Everybody had tears in their eyes during the course of this wonderful flim – “Taare Zameen Par” This flim also has a brilliant album of songs! One of them “Jame Raho” will help you through difficult times. It is a song that ensures you remain on your path and get what you want!
“Haath mein file man mein dum,Meelon meel chalenge hum
Har mushkil se takrayenge, Tas se mus na honge hum
Duniya ka naara jame raho, Manzil ka ishaara jame raho”
So the next time you need an inspirational fix, turn on the music and dance to it’s rythm.

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