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This Groundbreaking New Cure Will Revolutionise 2nd Degree Burn Treatments

Day 1

Fish Skin burn injuries treatment 1

Brazillian doctors used freshwater fish skins to wrap the wound and cure it. This treatment is making headlines all over the world because it is reportedly the “first time in Medical History”.

Maria Ines Candido from Brazil was admitted to the hospital after receiving a 2nd-degree burn from an exploding canister in the hotel where she works as a waitress.

This procedure of treating second-degree burn victims is developed by researchers led by Dr Odrico Moraes, Prof Elisabete Moraes and Dr Ana Paula Negreiros at the Federal University of Ceará.

The Fish scales are wrapped around the wounds and kept for 11 days and on the severe wounds for 21 days. The skins were peeled off slowly exposing the wounded area. Doctors were astonished from the result but said it is as they expected.

Day 11

Fish Skin burn injuries treatment 2

In India every year 1 Million victims suffer from burning injuries (source). These patients will be most beneficial if this treatment is started in India.

Unlike cream based treatment the patient feels less or no pain in the fish skin treatment procedure.

The Cost of this treatment is also 1/3rd of the common cream based treatment.

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