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Brazil charges the world’s highest taxes on fixed broadband, says study


It is not new that Brazil’s tax system impacts on technology sectors, such as the telephone market. In the case of fixed broadband, a new study reveals that the country is the leader with the highest taxes in the world in this service.

The report by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) showed that, on average, 40% of the user’s bill consisted of taxes, according to the 2019 data. In the case of 2018, the percentage was even higher: 40.15%.

The countries that are closest to Brazil are Zambia (33%), Greece (30%) and the Dominican Republic (30%). Following, four other countries with 25% appear: Croatia, Sweden, Belarus and Turkey.

Even with the highest tax at the global level, the final prices of operators are not the highest in the world. At this point, the providers are in 45th place.

The same fee collection in 40% of the bill is repeated for mobile phone services. But, in this case, there are two other nations with higher tax burdens in the segment: Egypt (43%) and Jordan (46%).

To top it off, the ten countries with the lowest tax values, both in voice and cellular data plans and in fixed broadband service, range from zero to 25%.

What is your assessment of the amount charged in taxes on mobile and fixed broadband services in Brazil? Join us in the space below!

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