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Top 12 Best Pubs & Bars in Kolkata For Generation Y in 2019

10 Best Pubs and Bars in Kolkata Where Generation Y a.k.a Millennials Enjoys Kolkata Nightlife

The city of joy, Kolkata is known for its tram, literature, cinema, and food. Everywhere you go, you shall see people savoring food. But the city is more than that. There is decadence and glamour when the night falls. That is the time when the young crowd of the city becomes the pub crawlers. The pubs in Kolkata are elegant and stylish. You can see each pub caters to a certain age and crowd. The pubs at the mall are meant for the young college going crowd, while the pubs at Park street cater to the elites with the jazz music. Every pub has something to offer and makes the culture of the city. Here is a curated list of the best pubs of Kolkata.


Best Pubs and Bars to Enjoy Kolkata Nightlife

12. Someplace Else

This is the pub in Kolkata which had its first live jazz music. With its British interior decor, Someplace Else is one of the elitist pubs located at the Park Hotel in the iconic Park Street. The pub is known for its incredible live music by the band Hip Pocket. It is the hub of musicians. Someplace Else has free entry and stags are allowed. You drink draught beer and mojitos. Plus, there is a happy hour until 8:30 pm.

11. Fairlawn

This is old age and classic pub of Kolkata that belonged to the colonial era. Located inside the heritage Elgin Fairlawn Hotel, the pub still draws the crowd from the old to the young blood of Kolkata. The decor is green with hanging bougainvilleas and spiral stairs and wooden chairs. It has a vintage vibe. The beer and food will total cost you less than Rs 500.

10. Xrong Place

For the pocket-friendly college going crowd, Xrong Place is the ideal pub in Kolkata You can chug beer till 8:30 and play pool with your buddies. Thursdays are for karaoke where you get drinks for singing one song. Wednesday is for the ladies to grab free drinks. The pub is always live with energy

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