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10 Times Indian Movies Went A Bit Far With Full Frontal Nudity


These Bollywood commercial movies featured full frontal nudity in the History of Indian Cinemas. Some movies in this list showed uncensored SEX scene and even full-blown Oral $ex between the actors.

Bollywood is filled with controversies and mysteries. Be it a scandal, a divorce, extramarital affair, casting couch or adult web series, controversies don’t seem to leave Bollywood alone. To add to its never-ending controversies Indian movies time to time releases (or tries to) movies which are filled with full frontal nudity, real sex scenes between actors, or content and language which is “intolerable”. In this post I have (tried my best ) collected and mentioned movies which showed full naked bodies of Indian actors or actresses. The intensity of the scenes is arranged in ascending order, which means the more you read hotter the article will become.

Please be advised, the movies mentioned here are all (A) rated and not for kids below 18 years of age. Proceeding will be considered as consensus and having complete knowledge of the content.

Banned Indian Movies with Full Frontal Nudity and Real Sex Between actors. 

10. Maya Memsaab (1993)
Indian Nude Movie with nude Scenes _ Maya Memsaab

Deepa Sahini stunned Indian movie audiences and media by going completely topless with frontal nudity in a scene from the film. In the very scene Shahrukh Khan also showed his butt, yes you read correct, before jumping over Deepa in an intense love making scene. This Indian movie was banned due to SRK’s butt but not for Deppa’s Boobs.

9. Bandit Queen (1995)

Indian Movie full nude Bandit Queen Seema Biswas


This (not initially) Banned Indian movie Bandit Queen is based on the true story of Phoolan Devi, a notorious leader of an even more notorious gang. Sexual abuses and discriminations in the society lead teenage Phoolan Devi to become a most wanted criminal at that time.
In the lead role was Seema Biswas who received National Film Award for Best Actress in that year . Complete Frontal Nudity from head to toe, rape scenes and abusive language landed the film an A certificate. In spite of this, or maybe due to this, the film was a huge success at the box office.

8. Sins (2005)

sins nude scene

The film starring Shiney Ahuja as a preacher and Seema Rahmani as Rosemary, a woman who seek resentment from Father Williams (Shiney Ahuja). The movie has a few topless scenes with frontal nudity which attracted various controversies and ban at the end. The film was released with an ‘A’ certificate. The story of the film is based on real-life events of a Keralan priest who was sentenced to death for sexually harassing a woman and killing her.

7. Parched (2016)


Starring Tanishta Chatterjee and my favorite Radhika Apte in a controversial movie directed by Leena Yadav received criticism from various societies for its nude (100%) sequences which include intense love making scene by Radhika Apte and Adil. In a particular scene, Radhika Apte and Tanishta Chatterjee was seen touching and caressing each other while being completely nude. Parched also featured actual sex between Radhika Apte and Adil Hussain. 
This film is one of my favorites because it shows exactly what most women in societies, not only in Rajasthan but here at Bengal also, faces on a daily basis. This movie may not be based on a particular true story but based on thousands of similar true stories around the country.

6. Rang Rasiya (2014)

rang rasiya nandana sen breast

Starring Nandana Sen and Randeep Hooda the film shows frontal nudity in a classy way. These particular scenes are the reasons why Nandana Sen is one of the best Bengali actresses alive. Not because of her bold decision to go nude in the movie but for the expressions and the class she depicted while acting the nude scenes.

5. Siddhartha (1972)

rishi kapoor-simi-garewal-hot-scene

Siddhartha starring Rishi Kapoor and Simi Garewal garnered controversy due to this  full frontal nudity sequences between the lead actors. Simi Garewal had also gone completely nude in 1970’s sensation Mera Naam Joker starring Raj Kapoor.

4. kama Sutra – Tale of Love (1996)



I am pretty sure all the 90’s kids know about this movie and have watched the complete movie at least once. Various artists were involved in frontal nudity throughout the film. The title of the film does justice to the story and the scenes.

The last three movies went too far in showing sex and nudity. All the three movies are directed, acted and released by Bengali directors and stars.

3. Chattrak (2011)


Paoli Dam starrer Chattrak went too far in showing nude sequences. Some scenes confused me, and I forgot whether I am watching a porno movie or Bengali movie. The director went overboard in shooting these sequences. The movie attracted too many censors and immediately banned from theaters.

2. Cosmic Sex (2015)

Starring Rii, this movie featured real sex between the lead actors. Here the actors did it. I still don’t know how this film cleared the filters and was released in theaters. This shows double standards of film certification organizations. The film is filled with the incestual relation between a daughter and father, mother and child and much more.

But atleast this movie didn’t show real SEX between the actors, not even the genitals. But the next movie in the list (tops for a reason) broke all the records of obscenity and showed actress sucking the genital of the actor. Brace yourself!!

1. Gandu (2010)bengali movie gandu scene

Sorry we can’t post screenshots of those scenes. Find it out yourself

Again starring Rii, Gandu tops the list because of this particular scene. Besides this scene , full frontal nudity, actresses butts, sexual moaning sounds, abusive languages are associated with the very core of the movie. This movie showed full blown oral sex between Rii and co-actor Anubrata Basu.

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